Life Without Limitations

A walker, rollator, stair assist
and posture alignment aid in one


Life Without Limitations

A Walker, rollator, stair assist
and posture alignment aid in one

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Meet Roami

Progressive Mobility Aid


A 4-in-1 mobility aid, Roami’s retractable wheels easily change the device from a walker to a two-wheeled walker on the fly. Roami’s adjustable frame helps improve balance and stability on slopes and uneven surfaces for those with poor posture. As one of the most advanced walking aids on the market, Roami can adjust up or down to navigate steps. Roam is ideal for cognitively-sound elderly users, amputees, people in rehabilitation / recovery, or with ailments that impair their balance.

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Roami is available as a traditional, non-wheeled walker, or with retractable wheels

With the wheeled version, easily lower the wheels with the foot pedal to use as rollator, or raise the wheels to use as a walker

Adjust Roami for slopes and uneven surfaces to use as a posture alignment aid. Roami also helps correct posture, which can be a constant issue when using other walkers.

With the simple squeeze of the handle, Roami adjusts to provide stability on stairs

Additional Information

  • Walker
  • Rollator
  • Stair Assist
  • Posture Alignment
  • Height Adjustable 34"- 39" (86-99 cm)
  • 300 lbs weight capacity (136 kg)
  • Folds flat for easy storage
  • Retractable wheels
  • Ergonomic outward facing handles
  • Patented Technology
  • Robust Cam-lock metal gear structure
  • Thoughtful design with durable frame
  • Sophisticated 4 stylish colors to choose from
  • Use on the go
  • Ideal for:
  • Cognitively-sound elderly users
  • Amputees
  • Rehabilitation patients
  • Recovery patients
  • Those with ailments that impair balance



I can't believe I found something to fit my needs. I have MS and had purchased a rollator for support so I could take walks in the neighborhood to prevent falling. A month ago I suddenly started having serious issues with walking. I couldn't stand up unsupported and the pain was unbearable. I live in a Colonial built in 1939 that has 3 levels. There's also 10 steps from the driveway to the front door. I can no longer carry the rollator to the driveway for my walks. Getting up the stairs indoors was very difficult. I had to walk sideways and keep a hold of the stair rails keeping as much weight off my legs as possible and pull myself up. This put a strain on the rest of my muscles as well as causing a lot of extra pain. As long as I stayed downstairs the rollator sufficed but it wasn't built to support my 225 pounds. Getting to the bathroom on this level was a painful experience. When I get the urge I need to hurry. I have a powered recliner I sit in and it takes a bit of time to get it to the position where I'm almost in a standing position so I can get off of it. The rollator was helpful but because I couldn't get enough weight off my legs I had to power through the pain and spasms. All that has now changed because of this walker. I can get to the bathroom with less pain because I can take most of the weight off my legs. I can negotiate the house much easier. I can get up and down the stairs a lot easier. It doesn't take long to become adept at using it on stairs. I'm glad I bought the version with wheels. It's easier to slide along so I don't have to lift it and put a strain on my lower back and legs. It's well built. It's slightly wobbly side to side because of the cams needed to negotiate the stairs but not to the extent that it is unsafe. It's very easy to make the final assembly out of the box. I just made all the edits where autocorrect rewrote what I did. Hopefully it doesn't jump in as I hit submit.

This Roami has improved my quality of life as a disabled vet. Getting up or down even a few stairs with my old walker was always difficult at best. My Roami made it so much easier! I’ve found so many ways my Roami has improved my ability to get around. This thing is so well thought out! Roami has wheels that are easy to put down when I need them and easy to retract when I don’t make this a very easy-to-use rollator. My old walker had me hunched over all the time using it. My Roami allows me to adjust for my posture at just the touch of a lever – so clever! It folds easily so it’s easy to put in and take out of the car. I’m so glad I found this great assistance tool. I highly recommend this product!

Roami works in so many more ways than a conventional walker. My wife and I were struggling with getting my 82 year old mom in and out of the house safely for her doctor appointments. The front porch was just too wide for her to hold onto both hand rails at once, and if you've seen an elderly person go down steps using only one hand rail you know it's a sideways downward motion. After doing my research I found what I was looking for...Roami. It can be used all over the house, from hardwood floor to carpet, to thresholds, front steps and even shower. My wife familiarized herself with the walker’s functions and came to the conclusion that my mom could use it to get in and out of the house and bathroom with ease once she set it up for her to use. Note that the product should be used on the older generation when they have the proper cognitive skills and stability to use it, otherwise use it with assistance like my wife does for my mom. I would like to think I am blessed with two things, my wife for taking such good care of my mom, and Roami for making it easier for her to do it! With all those helpful functions comes one small negative – it is a bit heavier than the traditional walker you get at Walmart. But, the multifunctionality of buying one product instead of 2-3 is awesome!

My father recently injured his hip and as a result he has been having a very difficult time getting moving around our multi-level home. Of course he’s ornery and hates asking for or accepting my help but I’m stubborn too (I learned from the best) and I hate seeing him miserably struggling to get down the stairs. So I ordered this and crossed my fingers hoping that he wouldn’t take offense when he saw it. Thankfully when I presented it to him he didn’t argue, he was willing to give it a chance. It helped make it much easier and less painful for him to get up and down the stairs and now that he’s not putting as much weight on his hip it’s healing pretty quickly. And his dignity has remained in tact so win-win. This walker is not nearly as frumpy looking as ones I’ve seen before. I got it in red and the finish is really nice looking. Its a nice bold red with a matte metallic sheen to it. The frame is lightweight and very clean and modern looking. It only took my a couple of minutes to put together and the only tool I had to use was an allen wrench which was included. The instructions are detailed and easy to understand and the walker is simple to adjust. It is very lightweight but not flimsy. The angle is easily adjusted by squeezing the handles while pushing in a button with the thumb on each side. This is easy for him but it might be difficult for someone with weak or arthritic hands. The walker glides effortlessly as it changes position and locks securely in position once the handles are released. There are wheels on the front legs which can easily be raised by pushing up the little foot levers. This walker can also be folded up for storage. The height is adjustable and this walker is not too wide to fit up and down our narrow stairwell. This walker has made it easier for my dad to move around while maintaining his dignity so he’s happy, which makes me happy. This is a really nice walker.

This sporty rolling walker design looks and works beautifully - featuring great colors with sleek black trim, wide easy-grip handles/armrests, all-terrain 6-inch wheels, built-in underseat storage with tray - and brakes that lock by pushing them down when you need a rest. What I like best about this walker is the large sturdy seat so I can carry my drinks to where I plan to sit. I also like the under seat pouch for carrying additional items that are needed. The break cables are tucked nicely away so they do not catch on things. This walker is sturdy and makes my life so much better!

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