Roami Safety Information  

Information and products represented are not a substitute for professional health care advice. Mobilate products do not claim to diagnose, cure, or prevent any medical condition. You should read all product packaging and instructions carefully and consult your medical doctor or healthcare professional before use.


Before using the Roami PMA:

  • Make sure the Roami PMA is the right product for you.
    • Be sure to consult with a health care professional. This product may not be suitable for use by persons having high risk conditions. For example:
      • If they are not mentally coherent (including from medication),
      • Do not have the cognitive ability to follow the instructions,
      • Are physically unstable or do not have the strength to utilize a walker or similar device,
      • If they exceed the recommended weight limit (300 lbs./ 130 kg),
      • If they have any other condition that would impede their ability to properly use Roami such as frequent dizziness or disorientation.
  • Make sure you read, understand and follow all instructions before assembly and use. This includes instructions for optional equipment.
  • Proper assembly, use and product maintenance are also required to help assure your safety.
  • The instructional videos are intended to demonstrate how the Roami PMA can be used. View the videos after you read the User Manual.
  • If you still have questions after reviewing the User Manual or demonstration videos:
    • Contact your health care professional to discuss medical issues.
    • Contact Mobilate for any questions regarding assembly, set-up and maintenance of the product.
  • ALWAYS use caution when using the Roami PMA, especially on wet, icy or slippery surfaces.
  • Do not use the Roami PMA on an escalator.
  • Make sure that the accessories are properly installed and securely in place before use.
  • Make sure that the rubber tips and/or plastic Grip Feet are not ripped, worn or missing.
  • The legs must be adjusted to the same height when using as a walker or a rollator.
  • Do not hang anything on either side of the Roami PMA frame (this includes the levers/handles on either side). This may cause the Roami PMA to tip or be unstable.
  • Do not sit on the front cross-member. Do not use the cross-member or rigidizer as support.
  • Do not leave or store the Roami PMA outside.
  • Do not use with any other accessories unless specifically supplied or recommended by manufacturer.
  • Stop using the Roami PMA and seek medical attention immediately if you feel weak, sick or suddenly dizzy.
  • You should always feel comfortable using the Roami PMA. If you are ever uncertain about how to use the Roami PMA, please contact the manufacturer, Mobilate.


Special safety concerns for the stair climber/ descender options:

  • The Stair climber / descender options are intended to be used on short flights of stairs such as home entryways. Do not use on long flights of stairs such as between floors of a home or building.
  • Contact your health care professional to determine if this activity is right for you.
    • You must have the strength necessary for this activity.
    • You must not have a medical condition that can involve dizziness or disorientation.
  • Do not use these options if you are uncertain about how to adjust the walking frame with the safety button and levers. Contact the manufacturer, Mobilate, to help learn how to use these options.
  • When using on stairs, do NOT progress to the next step until the walking frame is locked in place.
  • Do not use in wet or slippery conditions.
  • Carefully follow the steps outlined in Section 7 of this user manual.